La Fontaine

Designed in Aix en Provence, La Fontaine is heavily based on Audioaero’s award winning flagship, "La Source", a music controller universally praised by critics worldwide. Complete with stunning design and audiophile sonic performance almost comparable to La Source, La Fontaine is an extraordinary integrated pre-amplifier / digital analogue converter and CD/SACD player being offered at a fraction of the price it costs to own a La Source. La Fontaine is a compelling combination of stunning beauty “a la française”, cutting-edge patented technology and exquisite three dimensional sounds.


La Fontaine

High Fidelity for the 21st Century La Fontaine forms the hub of a high-performance audio system. It combines a preamplifier, a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) in a single, slim case, cutting down the clutter while improving the convenience & sound quality. You only need an amplifier to drive the loudspeakers with Audioaeros' music controllers. The vacuum tube output stage delivers a rich, musically satisfying experience, while throwing a palpable, three dimensional soundstage. La Fontaine's preamplifier section features an analogue volume & balance controls and is forty times quieter than its predecessor - the Prestige.

Extraordinary design S.T.A.R.S - (Solution for Time Abstraction ReSampling) digital signal processing is handled at 32 bit 384 kHz, combined with an ultra low jitter clock design that delivers remarkable resolution. La Fontaine incorporates the Esoteric UMK-5 high precision aluminum turntable and drive mechanism, equipped with an aluminum tray to extract the maximum of information from both CD & SACD discs. Complete versatility with both digital and analog signals (inputs & outputs) as well as an asynchronous 24/192 USB input for easy connection to music servers.


We combine our exclusive STARS process with a dedicated ultra low jitter Master clock that incorporates a high grade natural quartz crystal.

This resulted in a new level of noise reduction and digital artefact reduction (including Jitter) with less than 1µs of RMS Jitter.


After our exclusive STARS treatment to the digital signal, stage. We selected the sub-miniature dual triode 6021W from Jan. Philips directly soldered on the PCB board for perfect contact. We also chose to cryogenically treat the valves and this resulted in extended tube life and accurated sonic performance.


Already renowned on our older CD players, our engineers totally redesigned the output stage balance and volume control in the analog domain. Thanks to these modifications, La Source Pre amp stage is able to drive any amplifier of the market and is competing with the Top 5 Pre amplifiers of the market. This function can be deactivated from the remote by the customer if he wants to use its own pre amplifier.


Thanks to its analog and digital inputs, the La Fontaine Music center allows you to plug your turntable or your tape recorder through balanced and unbalanced inputs, as well as to your laptop or any digital source through S/PDIF or USB asynchronous inputs up to 24/192 kHz without any loss of information. The new RS 232 input allows you to connect your music center to a home network and to control the La Fontaine through your main remote control for a maximal versatility.

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